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Season 2019


B Division Play-Off Final

Castle Hawk 2 v Denton B 3


DENTON 'B' came back from the brink to claim the Oldham and District Golf League B crown in a dramatic playoff final win over Castle Hawk.
The Castleton team, eyeing a league and cup double, were 2-1 up when the darkness closed in at Dukinfield last Thursday.
That left two fourballs on the course, one on the second extra hole and the other going down the 19th.
When the sides went back out on the course on Monday evening, Pat Kissimmi and Stuart Jenkinson levelled up to 2-2 with a win at the third extra hole.
By then, the other game had halved both the 20th and 21st and it fell to Denton captain Steve Bracken to seal the 3-2 win when he rolled in the putt at the 4th hole, their 22nd,  to clinch a win for himself and partner John Regan.
The win meant Denton have taken three of the four ODGL trophies with their 'A' team completing a league and cup double.
They will now be looking to add to that by taking the Brian Atack team trophy when all the teams in the league do battle at Stamford on Sunday, September 29.


And now a message from our Fixtures Secretary

Can I encourage discussions around your teams and with your club's hierarchy around the future direction of the ODGL.

The reduction of the 'A' League late in the day to ten teams for 2019 was disappointing but I am already hearing some clubs voicing concerns about their ability to field an A team in 2020.

The disparity between A (10) and B (12) does have its complications but these are not insurmountable.

We did discuss the possibility of going back to 'one A division'  in late 2018 for the 2019 season - seeking to play a team EITHER home OR away in a season and then reversing this the following year. 

In your thoughts, please bear in mind that the season cannot extend beyond the second week of August (we run out of light very quickly).

There is some wriggle room with the Cup. I have to say that playing the preliminary round over 12 holes a week before the season actually started and also having the Cup finals in the fixtures worked seamlessly as we avoided the problems of August/September holidays and trying to find neutral venues at the weekend in a busy period for the clubs.

I have already had representation and know that there are clubs who wish to revisit the handicap limits.

Only a few seasons ago the limits were set at 0-14 in the A and 10-18 in the B and had been for some considerable time

Most recently we changed to 0-12 for the A and 8-18 for the B - maintaining a four-shot overlap.

At the time this was done to enable the 8-10 players to get game time in the B teams when they were unable to catch the low-handicap loaded A teams.

HOWEVER, with the introduction of the 9/10s by CONGU there are those that  feel the upper limit in the A League is too high and should drop to 10 to create a 0-10 bracket.

The thinking behind this is that having the upper limit too high discourages the low-handicap players from playing in the league when they often find themselves giving a whole bunch of shots to a capable player on their own course!

There are also some that think the lower limit goes too far in the B League and should be lifted to create a 10-18 bracket.

Is an 8 handicap player (or lower if they improve in the season) really a B team-standard player is the question being asked?

We need to find agreement. Some clubs have difficulties recruiting team members in certain handicap brackets, others do not.

I do have sympathy for the team captains. For some it is a weekly chore to get a full team to the tee and all too often the team originally selected is not the one which takes to the course.

Is it time to look at the team size... is 8 too many?

Or do we look at an amalgamated format with your pairings ranked on total handicap and lowest playing lowest and so on in a similar way as we do with the Dunham. What would the number of pairs be...?

We need to accept that each club will have its own particular standpoint. We want the league to flourish and thrive. Future-proofing anything is not easy.

Can I encourage general discussion. 

The executive would be happy to receive ideas/emails with possible suggestions/solutions.

That way we can give clubs the chance to canvas views and support improvements that the players will back. At the end of the day it is their league - not ours - we are merely the current custodians.

We will look to bring recommendations to an Autumn meeting (date to be confirmed) but in good time for fixtures to be formated for 2020 in whatever configuration we choose.

Can I close in saying that, personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed running the ODGL for the last 14 years of its 46 year history.

I happen to think that betterball matchplay is the most enjoyable format of golf and I have made countless friends through the league over the 18 years I have played in it.

Let's not see it wither ...

Fixtures Secretary


  Premiership A 2019 Pld   Pts  
  Denton 8 39
  Ashton 8 36
  Brookdale 8 33
  Stamford 8 27
  North Manchester 8 25
  Championship A 2019 Pld   Pts 
  Dukinfield 8 48
  Blackley 8 39
  Oldham 8 27
  Crompton & Royton 8 26
  Saddleworth 8 20
  B Division East 2019 Pld   Pts  
  Ashton 10 55
  Denton 10 54
  North Manchester 10 40
  Stamford 10 35
  Brookdale 10 28
  Werneth 10 28
  B Division West 2019 Pld   Pts  
  Crompton & Royton 10 51
  Castle Hawk 10 51
  Blackley 10 44
  Dukinfield 10 41
  Saddleworth 10 30
  Oldham 10 23


Welcome to the Oldham and District Golf League (founded 1973)

The League was conceived as an opportunity for local golfers to play competitively against other golf clubs in the local area and at the same time develop camaraderie between them. The intention is to enjoy good golf courses with sporting companions in a friendly but competitive atmosphere.

The League was composed of 2 Divisions from the outset but the Cup competition was not introduced until 1980. Initially, the League was based on singles matches in the A Division and the first Secretary was A L Davidson (Saddleworth GC). In those early years, the league was less competitive and League Tables were not produced until the last match of the season had been played! In 1982, Barry Matthews (League Secretary) and Carl Cunnelly (Fixtures Secretary) ran the League on a more organised and formal basis until 2005. In 1991 the end of season Brian Atack Tournament was added to compete for individual and team trophies.

Since 2005, the trio of Saddleworth's John Walsh (chairman), Ashton's Brendan Kennedy (secretary) and Werneth's David Whaley (fixtures secretary) guided the league through an expansion into a four division format with the addition of teams from North Manchester, Blackley, Crompton & Royton and Castle Hawk. The league changed further in 2017 with the introduction of promotion and relegation between the two 'A' divisions and Howard Lawton (North Manchester) took over as League Secretary.